Our services are free. Our reward is a freezer full of venision for us and our families, and we sell any excess to cover some of our costs. We also ensure that landowners get to enjoy professionally butchered venision free of charge. This does not mean that we treat this as a hobby, rather that the professional service we offer is mutually beneficial. We will commit the time and resources to ensure that landowners we work for are 100% satisfied with the work we do. Unlike other deer management groups we do not take out paying clients, or trophy hunters. Our focus is solely on an effective cull programme that works for the landowner.


We tailor the deer management plans we produce to the landowners needs. Typically the issue is whether we are required to gently manage numbers to ensure a more natural balance is maintained, or undertake more drastic control to quickly alleviate significant damage. 


Depending on what the landowner requires, we would typically:

  • Walk the land with the landowner and get a feel for the scale of the deer numbers and damage caused.
  • On the back of this initial contact, and depending on the landowners requirements, we can undertake a census to estimate the number of deer.
  • We would then produce a deer management plan that works for the landowner.
  • Once this is agreed we will undertake the control required to deliver the agreed cull figures.