25. January 2020
On flat ground, or in small plots where the 'perfect' approach is unworkable, a highseat is a hugely valuable tool to ensure that a safe trajectory and backstop is achieved. The dilemma is whether to build a wooden permanent seat, which allows you to turn up before first light at any given time, or invest in a modern metal seat that can be transported to multiple sites but requires a bit more planning if you want to have one in place ahead of a morning session.
20. January 2019
In the next couple of months the pregnant Fallow Does will be starting to think about their next birthing, which is usually in June or July. This doesn't effect the female young from last year's birthing season, which will stay with the herd. For the males, or Prickets, life is a bit tougher. The Does will be forcing them out in the next 6 weeks or so. This is an important time of year or us, for two reasons: A single animal, especially a relatively inexperienced one, is easier to sneak up on...
15. July 2017
Firstly, the new website is up and running, after a slightly prolonged downtime. We're now well into the roe buck season and can start looking ahead to August, when the larger deer bucks come into season.
02. March 2017
After the inevitable few hiccups, the new website is taking shape. We'll periodically be including a blog, updating on the seasonal jobs we're faced with, relevant news, and any interesting or unusual events we witness as we wonder around the countryside.