Southern Deer Services: responsible and committed deer management


We are a small, fully qualified, and enthusiastic deer management group who are committed to providing a quality service to landowners and observing best practise deer control. We currently operate across the south of England and Wales. We will happily meet to discuss landowner needs, and create a deer management plan to match your needs. We do not charge for our services, do not take out paying clients and are not interested in trophy hunting. Our objective is that we and the landowners we work with receive professionally butchered venison; this is healthy, ethically sourced, and has next to no carbon footprint. Food miles could not be any lower! 


Distinctive deer

Deer are graceful, enigmatic and a much loved addition to our countryside. A healthy and balanced population is desirable. As deer numbers increase steadily we are seeing the range of all of the 6 species extend across the UK.

Deer damage

The sheer numbers of deer in the UK does increasingly result in significant localised damaged. Crops, young trees, and natural biodiversity can all suffer if deer numbers are too high. While an overpopulation of deer can be a significant cause of road traffic accidents, and sadly fatalities. 

Delicious venison

Venison is delicious, sustainable, ethically sourced and exceedingly healthy. This is the primary reasons why we do not charge for our services; we benefit from a ready supply of venison, as do landowners we work with. We are fully qualified to certify wild meat as fit for human consumption.